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NFPrompt is the first Prompt Artist Platform in Web3, which lets you mint your imagination into an AI-Generated NFT. Collectors and enthusiasts can buy/sell the NFT together with the prompt that was used to generate the image. Learn More»

Greenfield Robot, yellow body, fly ...

Theme Campaign
PeopleMint <Your OG Mukabaka> Visual Gala4 PeopleMint OG NFT whitelist spots + 4000 $cNFP + $200 USDT
Highlighted Gallery
NFPrompt x opBNB
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Witness the remarkable creation of a super-fast Mech on the BNBChain. This stunning masterpiece, crafted with precision using NFPrompt, embodies opBNB's unwavering commitment to accelerating transactions on the blockchain.

NFPrompt x Spiderverse
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NFPrompt is delighted to have hosted the SpiderVerse-themed campaign, inspired by the movie "Across the SpiderVerse." This exciting event brought together AI enthusiasts and SpiderVerse fans for a captivating artistic journey. We were thrilled to witness the boundless creativity of our creators as they explored the mesmerizing world of the SpiderVerse.

NFPrompt x Pokémon
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A spectacular tribute to the timeless universe of Pokemon, which has captivated fans since its inception in 1996. Unleash your imagination as you transform favorite characters and game props into extraordinary styles and immersive backgrounds. With NFPrompt, you can even create epic battles between your favorite character

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Theme CampaignCurate your art that fits the theme and mint as NFTs, to win an enticing prize pool of $cNFP.
Create NFTsOnly $cNFP are accepted to create art and mint as NFTs.
Vote for NFTsThe more $cNFP you accumulate, the more voting tickets you can earn to vote for featured NFTs.
Token Airdrop$cNFP are the key to unlock greater airdrop rewards. It affects the number and proportion of airdrops.
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